Price, Postel & Parma LLP’s Family Law Group provides guidance and representation during all phases of family law proceedings. Family law matters are personal, emotional, and frequently involve private matters. They are often one of the most consequential encounters that a person will ever have with the legal system. In order to achieve the best possible resolution for our clients, we focus our attention on every detail, recognizing that each matter is different and each client has unique needs. We explore all possibilities for resolving family law matters, including resolution outside of the courtroom. When settlement is not possible, we litigate aggressively on behalf of our clients.

Our Expertise

California family law is very demanding because it is both highly technical and wide-ranging. The Family Law Group is dedicated to providing highly specialized expertise in all areas of family law, including:

  • premarital agreements,
  • marital dissolutions and legal separations,
  • marital settlement agreements,
  • spousal and child support,
  • child custody, including high-conflict matters,
  • complex community property division,
  • paternity actions,
  • post-judgment enforcement and/or modification,
  • restraining orders under the California Domestic Violence Prevention Act (DVPA),
  • domestic partnership agreements and dissolutions, and
  • appeals of family law orders and judgments.

Our Approach

The Family Law Group helps guide its clients through all of life’s developments. Forming a trusting relationship between attorney and client is critical to our approach. We thoroughly analyze the facts of each matter and keep our clients informed and involved throughout the process. We work closely with our clients and take into consideration their concerns and suggestions.