March 27, 2015: Trusts and Estates specialist Kristen Blabey was recently interviewed by KEYT News in Santa Barbara for a segment focusing on the recent Germanwings jetliner crash in the French Alps and how, given the many uncertainties in life, it is prudent to have a conversation about estate planning and to set up a trust or will. There are numerous benefits to creating an estate plan, one of which is that having a will or trust in place provides individuals with peace of mind and the knowledge that their wishes and intentions will be known and followed after they pass away. Additionally, individuals who have executed an estate plan make the administration and management of their estate much easier for family or friends to navigate. It is important for individuals to complete an estate plan because if they do not have documents in place, the disposition of the estate will be governed by the California Probate Code and statutory requirements on distributions to individuals, which may not reflect their wishes regarding disposition of their estate.

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