Price, Postel & Parma LLP’s Family Law Practice Group provides counsel and representation to clients during all phases of family law proceedings. With many years of experience, the firm’s family law attorneys are dedicated to providing expertise in all areas of family law, including:

  • cohabitation, premarital and post-marital agreements,
  • marital dissolutions and legal separations,
  • temporary and permanent support orders,
  • child custody issues,
  • marital settlement agreements,
  • complex asset divisions, including international assets,
  • complicated tracing issues affecting division of the community estate,
  • family law and estate planning cross-over issues,
  • post-judgment enforcement and/or modification of orders and judgments,
  • appeals of family law orders and judgments.

Family law matters are nearly always personal, emotional and private. Oftentimes the first courageous step in the process is calling counsel for assistance. Our family law attorneys take very seriously the responsibility of guiding our clients through what is, in nearly all cases, a life transition with significant emotional and financial issues.

We begin by listening to the client. The best attorney-client relationship is one that includes the collaborative efforts of the lawyer and client and that must start from the first meeting. As attorneys, our responsibility is to provide the client with informed choices throughout the process, to ensure that the client has an informed voice in planning their future. As part of this process, we explore all possibilities for resolving family law issues efficiently and economically, through communication and negotiation with opposing counsel and, at times, through mediation, in a manner designed to allow the client to retain the utmost control in determining their own future. If conflicts arise, and resolving all issues in this manner is not possible, we litigate on behalf of our clients with purpose, energy and commitment.

California family law is unique because this field of law requires attorneys to understand a wide variety of legal issues and have the ability to make informed recommendations to clients with distinctly different circumstances and attitudes. This is not a one-size-fits-all area of legal practice. Each case is different and unique. Our attorneys embrace the differences and the challenges that may arise with them.