Romance on El Camino Real
Romance on El Camino Real


Richards presides at the inaugural ceremony for the Santa Barbara Club’s new clubhouse on Figueroa and Chapala Streets.


The firm moves into a three-office suite in the San Marcos Building.


April. Richards publishes “Romance on El Camino Real,” the story of a fictional frontier attorney based on Richards’ own experiences in old Santa Barbara.

August. World War I begins in Europe.


U.C. Berkeley graduate John William Heaney joins the firm, which changes its name from Richards & Carrier to Richards, Carrier & Heaney.


Charles Carrier passes away.


A.C. Postel joins the firm. Shortly thereafter he enlists in the “California Grizzlies,” one of the last volunteer units to serve with the U.S. Army, and is posted in France.

A.C. Postel 1917
A.C. Postel 1917

From left: John Heaney, Jarrett Richards, Francis Price 1918
From left: John Heaney, Jarrett Richards, Francis Price 1918


Francis Price joins the firm, which becomes known as Richards, Heaney & Price.


Jarrett Richards passes away after 53 years with the firm. A.C. Postel returns from Europe. The firm becomes known as Heaney, Price & Postel.


Price incorporates the Montecito Water District, beginning an attorney-client relationship which has lasted over 80 years.

The First Old Spanish Days Fiesta
The First Old Spanish Days Fiesta

Granada Building 1924
Granada Building 1924


Francis Price, Dwight Murphy, Samuel Stanwood, Ed Borein, Harry Sweetser, James Rickard and Wilson Dibblee organize the first Old Spanish Days Fiesta.


With considerable temerity, the firm occupies the entire seventh floor of the eight-story Granada Building, Santa Barbara’s first and only “skyscraper.”

Price is one of the founders of the Santa Barbara Foundation.

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