John C. Jones

John C. Jones was the master of the American barque “Volunteer.” He was also American consul at Honolulu. He married one of Don Carlos Carrillo’s daughters, Manuela.

Alpheus Thompson / Two Years Before the Mast Poster

Alpheus B. Thompson was the elder brother of Frank Thompson, pilloried for posterity as the cruel master of the brig “Pilgrim” in Two Years Before The Mast by Richard Henry Dana. Thompson married another daughter of Carlos Carrillo, Francisca.

Map of Santa Rosa Island
Map of Santa Rosa Island

Carlos Carrillo gave Santa Rosa Island, sixty thousand acres of fine grazing (significantly larger than the rancho limit of 48,000 acres), to Manuela and Francisca in equal shares.

The Santa Rosa Island case dragged out between 1855 and 1861. Full restitution of his share of the property was made to Jones, a judgment that included an accounting of the proceeds of various sales in the amount of $90,000. ACJIA 104.

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