Price passes away. Breaking with tradition, the firm elects to retain Price’s name in its title.


The firm moves into its present offices on the third and fourth floors of the Freitas Building at 200 East Carrillo Street.


Firm member Charles Stevens becomes a judge of the Superior Court.

Parma Park
Parma Park


Firm partner Robert Jones is dubbed the “Master of Moisture” by the Santa Barbara News & Review for his extensive representation of local water districts.

Firm partner H. Clarke Gaines is elected Vice President of the California State Bar.


Harold Parma and his brother, Jack Parma, donate 200 acres of open range land to the City. The donated land becomes Parma Park.


Firm partner Francis Price, Jr., announces that he has purchased the El Mirasol block in Santa Barbara for an anonymous donor who wishes to give the land to the City as a park. After the donor passes away in 1977, Price Jr. reveals that the donor was Alice Keck Park, daughter of Superior Oil Company founder William Keck. Price Jr. and co-trustee Reginald Faletti name the park Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens in her honor.


The Santa Barbara Historical Society posthumously publishes Price’s
translation of the frontier lawyer Charles Huse’s private diary, kept in Spanish, as The Huse Journal.

Alice Keck Park Gardens
Alice Keck Park Gardens

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